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5 Things to Remember when Sending Gifts to China

November 4, 2014

The rapid development of China as one of the leading business places of the world has prompted many established businessmen to conduct business there. They are trying to establish a cordial relationship with the Chinese people in business for which they send gifts to China. A person from a different country might be unknown to the customs and the gifting ways of the Chinese people. There are certain things that need to be kept in


 Mind especially. Let us find out what they are:

•    Corporate gifts aren’t only a good idea; they’re expected

It is a custom in China to send gifts to business counterpart before establishing a healthy business relationship with them. Thus, it is very essential for you to be a part of this also. You can send your Chinese correspondents gifts which might not be the corporate ones also. Corporate gifts depict a very professional attitude of yours to them. Being professional is not what they seriously like much thus there are other gifts also that you can choose. Some of the gifts include chocolates, wines, etc.

•    Punctuality is the key

It usually takes a number of days to send gifts to China, thus it is very essential on your part to hire something that is easy to send and punctual. Hiring online gift stores for such a purpose is not a bad option either. They send your gift in lesser time and of great quality also.

•    Be aware of cultural traditions and taboos

Every nation has some traditions and customs to follow so when you send gifts to china online consider theirs too. The Chinese people consider red as a lucky color where as consider knife or sharp objects bad as they believe that it emphasizes slicing of relationships.

•    Do your research on holidays

In China, there are some events that require you to give thanksgiving gifts. On such days what gift is the best one, requires proper research. Such as in their lunar New Year sending money in a red envelope is a custom.

•    Return gifts are considered good by them

If your friend celebrating birthday and if you can’t attend it, then you can send birthday cake online and make them happy. They normally give you return gift when you attend the birthday, so similarly you can also give return, gift in your celebration too.

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